Thursday, November 30, 2006

Two Good Responses And A Surprise Call

Well, a quieter day today, took a breather and relaxed a bit.

Got a good response from the company I interviewed at on Monday. It was worth thinking about the feedback I sent them yesterday, as the guy said that I was in tune with what they needed for the role, and what I could offer. He mentioned I'd get a more formal e-mail on Monday. Looks promising.

Also the person representing the new website I pitched yesterday's article at contacted me, and really liked my writing style. Said she'd consult with the rest of the team and get back to me. Also looks promising.

I sent my resume to another job agency; they had similar opportunities on their books that I'm looking for, but nothing that stood out as something I'd want to tackle the coming Canadian winter to get to every morning. Will keep my eye on their list of vacancies.

Also got a surprise phone call last night from someone I made as a contact at my former job; am helping them to get more business for their company, which in turn would lead to something very exciting for me in the future. Again, sorry to be vague on all these leads and contacts, but I have to use discretion for myself and for the people and companies I am pitching, interviewing at, helping, introducing, meeting, being helped by etc etc...

It's all good though, and I am very confident that things will work out for me in a positive way sooner rather than later.

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