Friday, November 24, 2006

The Determinator

What a great way to end the week! First... The Determinator?

Well, you have to be very determined to find a new job fast, and the most famous cinema icon that never gave up was The Terminator, so put the two together and you become The Determinator.

Thanks to Colleen for answering my e-mail of yesterday, and giving me a tip about a networking group and ways to improve my blog. This week has been about getting all my ducks in a row, and now that's about done, I can start going out into the sunshine and meeting people rather than stuck in cyberspace.

Three great bits of news. I had someone see my Craigslist ad and liked what they saw, so got in touch. After a brief e-mail exchange it looks like a VERY cool company, so I have an interview lined up there for Monday morning.

I also contacted the owner of a company I found that seemed to have a very positive attitude. I sensed that from the way the website was set up, and the message that came across. Anyway, he replied to my "What's going on?" e-mail and -- lo and behold -- I'm back in Toronto on Tuesday morning to meet him. Notice I say "meeting" and not "interview" for this one... there could be a way to move forward, maybe not, but it's exciting and I'm looking forward to that one too! I will follow any lead, no matter how ambiguous, as you never know what will come of it.

And, lastly -- yes, I said it's been a great day -- I just checked my e-mail and someone from an agency has contacted me with a possible opportunity. I phoned and left a message, excited to hear what comes back.

As you can tell, I am feeling very mellow and relaxed about my job hunt as things are starting to happen after only four days, so my gym music this afternoon was ambient, trance, lounge-type tunes that got me though an hour on the treadmill.

It's the weekend = two days off to recharge my batteries, and as The Determinator would say: "I'll be back... on Monday to hunt down those jobs!"

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