Friday, December 24, 2010

Here's To A Great 2011!

I thought it was time to update my blog; can't seem to find the time these days, so taking advantage of my Christmas time off. I get two weeks, which is one advantage of working at a school!

My main prediction for 2011 is that the term "social media" will not appear in so many job titles as the last two years. Anyone who hires a communications or PR guy/gal these days should take it as a given that an element of social media will be involved in the overall strategy -- so why feel the need to mention it? Of course, as every VP of Social Media Guruness out there knows, it's just a tool to be used, not bet the farm on. Right?

Geo-location apps -- something I haven't really been exploring too much up to now -- will really start to hit the mainstream next year. I am not just talking about Foursquare or Facebook Places ... more niche services that will know where you are, what you like and offer goods and services (maybe with a bit of Groupon thrown in for good measure) as you wander about in your daily life.

Actually, me and a friend were having lunch yesterday and discussing ideas around this for a start-up, so might be interesting to get something going in 2011. Greenscroll has been a great learning experience in how to get something off the ground. That is a non-profit, so it's time to maybe start something that will earn a little $$$ as the next step on my Internet journey.

I also have plans to write a second book. It will be a collection of short stories, with a surprising twist. I will definitely self-publish it myself on Lulu, having such a positive experience of using that service for Beer and Bagels for Breakfast after the rights reverted back to me last year. If Lulu had been around in 1999 when that book was first published, I would have definitely done it myself then.

So, here's wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year!