Friday, December 30, 2011

Gamification Guru

What with the success of people becoming mayors of coffee shops and such like, I have been reading that gamification is set to be the Next Big Thing in 2012, so I splashed out another hard-earned $9.99 on the domain name

Since I know nothing whatsoever about gamification, I immediately put the domain up for sale ... so if anyone wants it, then please stop "playing around" (ha!) and contact me at johncarson AT gmail DOT COM.

And a happy 2012 to you all!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Is Brampton Media Group Behind RobFord.Ca?

I was amused at the recent reports that someone had snapped up once it expired. I like to dabble in domains too, so wish I'd thought of it!

Being a little bored tonight, I did some digging and this is what I found.

I couldn't find Fresh Grape Solutions, so went to and found this:

I then checked out and found this:

So, I searched to see what other domains they had registered and found this: -- two Canadian mayor-related domains linked to the same company.

What do you think? Let's solve this mystery!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I wanted to get a slice of the booming Canadian daily deals action, so registered the domain at the beginning of October. Still working with my development team on the form it will take, but pretty excited about the project.

Someone already expressed an interest last week in buying it before we even launched, but never followed through on my consideration to sell it. Maybe they want to wait and see the final site?

The traffic has already started and I'm not sure why as we haven't promoted it yet. If anyone has linked to or mentioned it, would appreciate a heads-up for a thank you!

Update November 3, 2011
Here's a cool, timely article from Techvibes detailing the Canadian daily deals sector.

Update December 1, 2011
We have decided to sell the domain. Offers welcome!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Klout Really Pisses Me Off

I read Danny Brown's post on Klout, and was very surprised to learn that people who have never even signed up with them still get a profile and Klout "score."

Here is mine: I am a 46. Not sure what that relates to, but it bothers me greatly that I even have a "score." If, as I have heard, companies are now starting to look at Klout "scores" when considering job applicants, then this means someone with a Klout "score" of 47 may get the job ahead of me.

I view this pretty seriously. Klout could therefore be "influencing" prospective employers not to hire me, because my Klout "score" is not up to par, and therefore I am not an "influencer" or well connected.

Over a week ago I e-mailed Klout's "support" and asked to be taken off. Nothing yet. So I asked politely on Twitter. Still nothing.

Maybe, because I am not an official account holder, I am deemed not worthy to get a reply. So, in that case, why do they still bother giving me a profile I never even asked for? It's pretty hypocritical of them.

Klout also call themselves "The Standard for Influence." I'm curious as to whose "standard." Certainly not mine!

But, the fact I have a "profile" up there, makes it look like I am endorsing the "service." (Yes, I know there's a lot of these "" in this post, but I am making the distinction with what I consider a real profile and a fake "profile.")

Anyway, there you go. Klout really pisses me off.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Very Unfortunate Random Ad Placements

I was on a video website today and noticed these two very random ad placements under a list of advertisers. Poor lady!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Does @raymitheminx Owe Me $100?

Hi Raymi,

Took me a few days, but here we go ...

On Monday, I took offence to your use of the word "retard" -- having a family member with developmental disabilities -- so expressed surprise that "Canada's most famous blogger" still uses words like that.

Your reply, after the "get over it" comment:

That sounded like a generous offer. So, I reached out and found this guy.

As you can see, (1) He's Canadian, (2) He's been blogging since August 1999, and (3) Your use of the word "famous" is very subjective. I had never heard of you until your "retard" tweet, but one person pointed the other guy out to me, so therefore -- to me, technically -- he was more "famous" than you.

If you feel so inclined, please donate the $100 you mentioned to Good Foot Delivery. They are a Toronto-based non-profit courier service that employ people with developmental disabilities.

If not, no hard feelings ... I gave it my best shot.

Thank you,

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Don't You Talk About The #@!&# ROI Of My Mother That Way!

So, the new social media phrase du jour is, "The #@!&# ROI of your mother!" thanks to wine expert and marketer, Gary Vaynerchuck. Apparently, this was a retort to some guy in the audience repeatedly asking about the ROI of social media, or something. I don't know the full details.

My sense of humour is fantastic. Yes, it is. But I thought this reply was a bit over the top. I understand Gary's style is abrasive, he calls it as it is, and he's very successful. I admire all that. But to me, addressing a member of the audience in a way that's worded to imply a slur on his mother, seems a bit sound-bitey.

Anyway, I'd like to have a coffee, beer -- or wine -- with Gary one day and get to know the persona.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011 Buys Radian6

The social media fishbowl is buzzing today with the news that bought Radian6 for a large chunk of change. It's a shame that a Canadian suitor didn't step in, but it's nice to see a company north of the border do very well in this space. Hats off to the team, well done.

Reminds me of the time way back in 2008 when I put CEO Marcel LeBrun to the test. A pretty speedy reply considering he was speaking at a Third Tuesday Toronto event that night. Kudos!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

You Will Fail, Loser!

A large percentage of tweets/blog posts are of the kind, "5 Reasons Why Your Blog Will Fail," or "10 Mistakes In Your Sales Pitch," etc. Pretty disheartening, right?

I always check who the author is of such finality. My blog is not the most-read prose in the world, but it's nice to think that some people have got good advice from it, or learned something. I make a few bucks off Google ads, big deal. It's not updated every day, granted, but I'm trying to rectify that. It makes me happy to write it.

Have I failed? F**k no!

I don't believe any blog really "fails."I don't aspire to be a Chris Brogan or Danny Brown, both doing great work in their respective areas of choosing ... I aspire to write what I want, when I want and take it as it comes. No pressure.

Sometimes the less advice you read, the better you get.

Friday, March 25, 2011

I'm A Twelebrity, Tweet Me Outta Here!

I saw a very horrible word used the other day: twelebrity. Twitter + "celebrity" I am assuming. It sounds like a kid talking. Horrible.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

And Three Months Later

So, Mark Evans guilted me into writing a new blog post today. Three months is a long time to let it slide, so here we are. This blog is not dead; I just like to think that quality is always better than quantity ... but do plan to be more frequent now. I love writing, and this is a great outlet for my thoughts and inspiration.

One thing I'd like to bring up is whether we are in another Web 2.0 bubble that is about to go pop. I don't use Foursquare (preferring Facebook Places) or Quora (preferring Google, my own research and friends' advice) but know that people seem to love those services ... and of course ... financial analysts and anyone else out there who value them in the $billions.

But, I always say something's only worth what someone else pays for it, so tend not to read too much into "Twitter is worth this," or "Facebook is worth that," etc. It's just all stocks, bonds, paper, investments, VC cash, angel funds and so on.

I REALLY want to see someone create a start-up, make it huge, sell it four years later for $2 billion and say, "OK, that's it, made my money, I'm off to sail my yacht around the world, good luck everyone, bye!"

What keeps them going? I assume when you make a million, then you want to make 10 million. Got that? OK -- let's try for a billion. At that point the money is kinda meaningless, it's more of a challenge to see how far you can go. Where will Google end up? Maybe they will have their own Internet one day.

I read around 80 good, solid blogs every day. It's useful to know what is happening in the social media world, for me and other people I help from time to time. I use my Twitter feed like an instant news feed. I don't care who/how many people follow me ... I get value from reading other people's tweets. I'm an information junkie with a knack for finding out certain information behind certain things. It's not hard: research and cross-referencing information is key.

Remember, as a journalist, don't trust one source alone!