Friday, March 23, 2007

Mixed Bag

It's been a very mixed week.

I did a small piece of freelance work for UCC; began the process of parking and monetizing 56 unused domain names for David Bronstein; wrote a draft press pitch for a new reality TV show starting very soon; attended a seminar on starting your own business; met for coffee with a freelance graphic designer friend of the family to gauge her interest in taking on some work I may need to outsource; and set up a 2nd interview at a major non-profit for early next week.

And it felt like patio weather today too!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Lucky Escape

Saw an ad for a position that interested me, worth an application to find out more...

[Reproduced verbatim.]

Company: "When would you like to come for discussion?"

Me: "Thanks for the quick reply. Please can you let me know where you're based?"

Company: "****/****."

Me: "OK, cool. Please can you send me your phone number so I can ask a few questions about the position?"

Company: "You can ask any question by e-mail."

Me: "Please can you give me a salary range?"

Company: "Sure, but I need to know what can you do for me first."

Well, you already know "what I can do for you first" as I outlined it in my comprehensive cover letter and resume. And I'm not jumping through hoops for a company that won't even give me a phone number to call.


Sunday, March 18, 2007


Spent a nice week in the Blue Mountain resort at Collingwood, not skiing, but enjoying some good food, drinks and poker with friends. My batteries are recharged and I'm back into the reality of working for a living.

I now have Upper Canada College as a client and went in Friday to do some writing/editing/website work for them. The world of communications and PR is definitely different from the other side of the desk that I'm used to, but I'm learning a lot of new skills and rounding out my resume. It pays better too.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Friday Fun

A cool few days. Downtown with David Bronstein yesterday for a meeting with a third party, things happening next week with a famous face, keep an eye out. It's fun and I'm learning a whole new range of skills.

Also had an "interview" -- that's in "" -- because it's a former colleague I used to work with that needs a communications/editor person, followed up on that today. Would be great to commit to that as I could still do freelance PR/own company stuff in my spare time.

To that end, had another meeting downtown today with a PR company owner that I've been talking to about setting up some sort of c0-op scheme whereby we swap skills, clients and workload. For the price of a lunch I picked her very smart brains clean and learned more in one hour than a day of looking on Google.

I feel great about where my future career is heading now; it's very exciting and different to what I've done over the last 11 years working in the media. And I like taking control of my own destiny.

So, the Friday Fun part? Our American friend Sheryl is flying in tonight for a week, so time to have some fun...

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Rolling Up My Sleeves

Been another busy time. I am putting together my own business plan now and want to get something going quickly. I have a few clients lined up, but need to formalize some stuff first before I get going in the world of self-employment and the rewards that will bring.

Also contacted a few potential partner companies that I want to work with, as there are some skills I need that they can provide.

More to come soon...