Monday, November 27, 2006

Monday Meeting

Busy day so far. Headed into Toronto for my morning meeting. [I won't go into details of any of these interviews/meetings out of respect to the people and organizations that I'm talking to.]

I actually got a response to my YouTube masterpiece at the weekend. There's a new site being set up and the woman e-mailed me with some details about writing for a demographic that I'm familiar with. The rate was too low, so explained more about what I was looking for. E-mails back and forth... got her number, and just phoned for a chat.

Applied for two positions about 10 minutes ago. One is for a funky website that looks like a LOT of fun, cool subject matter -- but could be a part-time gig, we shall see.

The other is definitely a full-time role, company confidential (but I have a good idea who it is), another sector I now have a lot of knowledge about, so worth a try.

Followed up with another job agency, debating whether to re-contact a media person -- they might be busy, will wait another day so as not to hassle -- and also mulling over an idea to get more traffic for this blog.

Been out of work a week now, time flies!

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