Saturday, November 6, 2010

Give GoodFoot Delivery A Chance

On Thursday, my friend Jon Gauthier invited me to the Gala Party and Fundraiser for his year-old start-up, GoodFoot Delivery. It was an impressive turnout of around 100 people taking part in bidding on cool items, buying tickets for a 50/50 draw and silent auction. The event raised around $23,000.

From the website: "GoodFoot provides a personalized point-to-point delivery service on foot or via public transit as well as employment opportunities to people with developmental disabilities."

It gives people -- who may have faced some challenges in life -- the chance to earn a respectable living, and for that I wholly support it. There are too many lazy asses out there who feel the world owes them a living, and the GoodFoot team are putting them to shame.

You can read more about their story in the Toronto Star.

So, please consider GoodFoot next time you have a package that needs sending ... they really deliver!