Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Klout Really Pisses Me Off

I read Danny Brown's post on Klout, and was very surprised to learn that people who have never even signed up with them still get a profile and Klout "score."

Here is mine: I am a 46. Not sure what that relates to, but it bothers me greatly that I even have a "score." If, as I have heard, companies are now starting to look at Klout "scores" when considering job applicants, then this means someone with a Klout "score" of 47 may get the job ahead of me.

I view this pretty seriously. Klout could therefore be "influencing" prospective employers not to hire me, because my Klout "score" is not up to par, and therefore I am not an "influencer" or well connected.

Over a week ago I e-mailed Klout's "support" and asked to be taken off. Nothing yet. So I asked politely on Twitter. Still nothing.

Maybe, because I am not an official account holder, I am deemed not worthy to get a reply. So, in that case, why do they still bother giving me a profile I never even asked for? It's pretty hypocritical of them.

Klout also call themselves "The Standard for Influence." I'm curious as to whose "standard." Certainly not mine!

But, the fact I have a "profile" up there, makes it look like I am endorsing the "service." (Yes, I know there's a lot of these "" in this post, but I am making the distinction with what I consider a real profile and a fake "profile.")

Anyway, there you go. Klout really pisses me off.