Monday, October 1, 2012

Where Does The Food Network Get Its Diners From?

As a massive foodie, I like to follow chefs and restaurants, attend events such as Soupalicious (parsnip and white chocolate puree with pistachio and sour cherry anyone?) and religiously watch the Food Network and Food Network Canada.

Food, the scene around it and the people who can make it well are really interesting to me.

I was watching Chef Wanted With Anne Burrell last week (the Old Homestead episode) and noticed a very familiar face as one of the diners = none other than Restaurant Impossible's regular contractor, Tom Bury. He wasn't happy with the quality of the steak that one of the contestant chefs had cooked during their job interview to work at the restaurant.

Tom Bury is not happy with his steak!
Of course, it may have just been as simple as one Food Network participant appearing on another Food Network show, but I would have thought there may have been a caption to identify him as such? A lot of those people probably know each other and hang out in the same circles, but it just struck me as odd.

I asked Food Network, Food Network Canada and Tom himself, but no reply to date.

Now I wonder where the diners come from in these shows, and if they are out-of-work actors, real customers who get a free meal for being on the show or simply friends of the Food Network.

I also spotted The Next Food Network Star's Adam Gertler as the dinner party guest of a Chopped contestant (the "leftovers" episode).

Yeah, I know. Too obsessed with food and the shows.