Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I'm A Job Ninja

More networking today. Got a reply back from yesterday's two contacts... nothing going unfortunately, but at least my name's in front of them for any future openings. One of my wife's colleagues has also sent my contact details to a friend of his. (Thanks, Mr. Benzo!)

Applied for two jobs. One is working for a massive website that would be a great fit for my skills, but I know there'll be a lot of competition for the position. I mentioned this blog in my job application... so if anyone from there is reading, I can be ready for an interview at a moment's notice. You have my details!

The second application was for a non-profit organization which is also an area that I'd like to get into. Be good to help people in my career path for a change. I know someone who does that and the job satisfaction is immense, so we'll see. I have a feeling the role is for someone less experienced, but I could be wrong as the ad was quite ambiguous.

I should stress that even though I want to get back to work asap, I'm not just applying for anything. No point. Not good for me, or for the company when I leave after three months due to being unhappy.

At lunch I watched a documentary called The Secret which explained how to achieve results by visualizing what you want. I think that started two days ago when I began this blog. It was very philosophical and made me think. I've always been a pro-active job-hunter anyway, but it was very interesting to learn new techniques.

Gym time: Music of choice included Echoes (Pink Floyd), Starless II (Craig Armstrong), Mmmnn (Grandadbob), Hoops (The Chemical Brothers) and Without You -- DJ Roog & Greg's Big Room Mix (Chew-Fu Phat).

After having done some research, my next task today is to send unsolicited e-mails to around 15 websites that have content similar to what I've done in the past, and see what's going on. [Disclaimer: That is no way spamming them as I will not be using the words "Nigerian Prince," "viagra" or "free screensaver" at all.]

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