Wednesday, February 20, 2008

28 Days Later ... Or Maybe Longer!

My journalist friend went for a job interview on January 3 at one of the largest Canadian media companies.

It went well, and he was called back for a second interview. That went well, too, and he was called back for a third. Cool.

Then, nothing. Not a peep. He had to call the company himself last week to find out that he hadn’t got the job. WTF?!

Why are companies so disrespectful to job-seekers by leaving them in limbo for so long, and then not even give them the courtesy of at least an e-mail to say they haven’t been successful?

Don’t put up with it. Don’t be a job-hunting zombie, shambling along with the others, seeking that elusive call-back. Don’t wait 28 Days Later -- call them first!