Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Does @raymitheminx Owe Me $100?

Hi Raymi,

Took me a few days, but here we go ...

On Monday, I took offence to your use of the word "retard" -- having a family member with developmental disabilities -- so expressed surprise that "Canada's most famous blogger" still uses words like that.

Your reply, after the "get over it" comment:

That sounded like a generous offer. So, I reached out and found this guy.

As you can see, (1) He's Canadian, (2) He's been blogging since August 1999, and (3) Your use of the word "famous" is very subjective. I had never heard of you until your "retard" tweet, but one person pointed the other guy out to me, so therefore -- to me, technically -- he was more "famous" than you.

If you feel so inclined, please donate the $100 you mentioned to Good Foot Delivery. They are a Toronto-based non-profit courier service that employ people with developmental disabilities.

If not, no hard feelings ... I gave it my best shot.

Thank you,