Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Tuesday Talks

Was back in Toronto this morning for my second meeting of the week, and after that killed some time having lunch with a mate before heading to Front Street to have a coffee and a chat with a member of the media. Not a job interview, but something that could lead to a big spike in hits for this blog next week.

Talking of hits, thanks to the three people in Canada and one in Portugal that regularly read my job search musings. And my aunt in Birmingham, UK.

Got home and re-contacted a job agent that had a prospect for me, but after chatting about it, wasn't the kind of role that would give me job satisfaction. Invited him to LinkedIn for future opportunities, which is where he found my details actually, so it does work. There seems to be a lot more people jumping onto LinkedIn now than way back in the ancient days of 2004 when I first signed up. That's an age on the Web.

Another reply came in for what would be -- I was right -- a part-time online gig. They are keen for me to get involved and it does look like fun, with a great subject matter. Asked about how it would work, equity opportunities and a few more questions before I commit. Will hopefully get a reply tomorrow.

Am about to write an on-spec profile about a cool guy who is very smart in the online world. This is for a soon-to-be-launched website that is looking for section editors, so worth a try. The phone call about that was positive and piqued my interest. Good to keep my writing hand in and not get stale.

I had a final task of the day, which I am now going to put off till tomorrow, as I'm tired and don't want to screw it up as it could lead to a job offer if I say the right things that the company wants to hear. That doesn't mean I will say what I think they want to hear, but what I think they need to hear, for the good of the company and whether I can deliver. All ambiguous and confusing I know, but that's the negotiation game, right?

Forget that "Don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today, son!" cliche. Better to wait and make it count than rush it half-assed. So you meet the deadline, but the end result is crap. Not worth it.

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