Thursday, April 2, 2009

Where The Fees Are

In recent times I was invited to sit in on a meeting whereby a vendor was unveiling a new advertising campaign. It wasn't that bad, not groundbreaking I thought.

What got me was that it took FOUR people from the vendor to unveil one piece of artwork. I think one was an intern and didn't even say anything. So, factoring in the cab ride from their office, the 30-minute unveil, and their cab ride back, you can bet it was a billable two hours.

I heard that this particular campaign was allegedly costing someone $19,000! That is crazy fees.

I sincerely hope for a future whereby we see an explosion of smaller agencies with a core of around five people that just hire freelancers and consultants, as needed, on a project by project basis. More nimble, faster to react, cheaper for the client, more work for talented people who may not be employed full time with benefits.

And yes, I am biased, as I currently work as a consultant.

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