Monday, April 20, 2009

I Don't Want To Be A Twitzophrenic

So, here's the deal. I have a personal Twitter account @johncarson that I've cultivated and followed/been followed by some very cool people. Use it every day, listen, learn, talk, pass RTs around etc. All good.

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I am now involved in two start-ups (actually, one is more of a website) that [fingers crossed] will be launching soon. I grabbed the Twitter names so they're safe.

Now, I am deciding whether to actively start using those separate new accounts when the sites launch -- pros: branding, clarity, transparency / cons: starting from scratch -- or, stick with my personal Twitter account and go into transparency mode whenever I chat about the two new sites. There are some people that I've built relationships with since joining last year, and I'm reluctant to begin all that again.

I look at the great work someone like @RichardatDELL has done, and think that might be the way to go. Then I think, if Richard left Dell, what would he do with that very specifically-named account. Would he keep it for his next role (awkward for, say, HP if they hire him!) or would he start from scratch?

Any advice? Please tweet me or post in the comments for others to read too. Thanks.

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  1. I found myself in the same boat as you - it took months to build my existing Twitter account into the powerful network I love, but with new job responsibilities come a shift in focus. I decided to start a new account because I would hate to alienate my existing followers with any type of marketing and/or announcements and links that might be irrelevant to them. I'm sure you could do it either way, but in case you decide to go with multiple accounts, I will suggest using twhirl - awesome client. Cheers! @kate__k