Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Green Is The Word, Is The Word That You Heard, It's Got Groove, It's Got Meaning

I've always been a hippy ... a hug-a-tree kind of person, but haven't really pushed the boat out much as an advocate, apart from selling raffle tickets for an animal protection charity when I was a kid.

So, exciting news. I had a coffee today at my new office in downtown Toronto and met 1/3 of a new, green tech start-up. I say 1/3 because the other 2/3 was off in Europe, and the 3/3 is now me. I have been offered equity in return for handling the PR and communications strategy around this new venture. I hope that social media will play a big part.

I believe it is a very cool concept, and one that is long overdue in this world of Car Company Big Cheeses flying to their bailout hearings in their private jets. People losing their homes and paying taxes to help the big financial institutions.

All I can say is that there will be trees involved. So, get ready to hug a few and make the world more tolerable.

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