Thursday, April 9, 2009

Smak My Pitch Up

Gina Mom pitched me via Twitter about SmakNews, "a social media platform for 'women only,' where you can find the latest scoop on the 'who's who' and 'what's what' of celebrity, fashion and great buys." It launched on April 5, and I am assuming -- and correct me if I'm wrong, Gina -- that the site thrives on people enjoying smackdowns with celebs, hence the name?

It looked interesting; a Digg-style concept of voting for gossip, blogs and user-generated content. I signed up to try it out, and chose the user name johncarson, all well and good, got a confirmation e-mail:

Hello, johncarson. Your account at SMAK News has been successfully set up. Please keep the below information for future reference: Username: johncarson Password: (password choosen when registered)

So, I went back to SmakNews and tried to log in. Wouldn't let me. "Error! Incorrect username and password." Tried again, in case I'd typed it wrong. Same error message.

OK, I thought, give it a chance and use the "Forget Password?" option ... which I hadn't forgotten ... but reset it anyway. Got an e-mail with a new temporary password, and tried to log in again. Wouldn't let me. "Error! Incorrect username and password."

So, I gave up. Smak on the wrist to them!

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  1. Hello John,

    First- I thank you for taking the time out to try out SmakNews. We appreciate our beta users first and foremost for being the true "testers" of the site. We knew there would be bugs when we launched, inevitably that's what happens during beta testing, but we understand how annoying and what a turn-off it could be for the simple act of logging in to be busted.

    We sent our CTO and entire programming team (which isn't that "big" right now) this issue and heard they are quickly trying to resolve it at this moment. I will personally send you a msg once the logging-in bugs have all been fixed :)

    Thanks so much again for trying the site out! I look forward to your full feedback of the site's features and functions once you get a chance to explore it properly.

    Gina Mom
    Chief Editrix of SmakNews