Tuesday, April 7, 2009

PostRank Discovery Engine Beta Test

Carol Leaman, CEO of AideRSS, sent me a beta invite today to test out the PostRank Discovery engine, their new blog discovery site. I know it's beta, but there's some weird glitches that need to be ironed out.

The screenshot above is the top 5 ranking blogs for the search term "social media." I can understand Mashable and ReadWriteWeb being in there, but where's people like Chris Brogan?

So I found his details:

For some reason, his blog is listed as grasshopperfactory(?) and he has an engagement mark of MINUS 28%! We all know that Brogan is known for engaging with people online, so not sure why it reads as a minus number.

So, thought I'd search for someone else in the social media space: Dave Forde.

His name popped up OK, but it wouldn't let me click on it and check out his details, or subscribe to his blog. A one-click option would have been useful. Maybe I'm being too critical, and it was only launched today, but the overall experience seems pretty useful once the bugs are ironed out, and the rankings become more stable.

1 comment:

  1. Hi John,

    Thanks for the heads up on Chris' feed. No idea what that feed URL is about, but if it's in our system, *someone* added it. Anyway, I got one of our devs to update to the correct feed from Chris' site. Cuz really, no marketing topic is going to make sense otherwise. :)

    Re. the negative engagement score -- don't panic! It doesn't compare his site to anyone else's, that's just how his content has performed via a month to month comparison.

    Re. the issue with clicking on a username, that's very odd -- I can't reproduce it, and no one else has reported it. Could you shoot me an email or a DM with which OS and browser you're using? We can start investigating better then.