Friday, August 28, 2009

Meet Entrepreneur Milcha Malaque

Let me introduce you to Milcha Malaque. She's an entrepreneur living in the Philippines, and thanks to Zoompass, I just loaned her $25 as an investment in her business via Kiva.

I did some research on the people that needed help, and was impressed by the fact that Milcha has already repaid a previous loan, and that revenue generated from her business will go to pay for her children's tuition fees.

People helping themselves is what it's all about, and I'm glad to invest in her future!

1 comment:

  1. John - we were really touched by your offer to loan your Zoompass prize through Kiva.

    Congratulations to you for winning, to Milcha for receiving the loan, and thank you for your generosity.


    Thornley Fallis Communications
    (on behalf of Zoompass)