Thursday, August 6, 2009

I Have My Twitter Follow Straightjacket On, And It's Tight

I tried to follow a cool person on Twitter last night, and was told that I had reached my follow limit of 2,001 people. The reason is in here somewhere or other. That really pisses me off.

Why? Because I have 1,682 followers of my own (thanks all!) and believe that 2,001-1,682=319 followers is not such a big margin. I also tweet on a regular basis and [99%] of that is original thoughts, not just retweets.

In other words, I am not a Lazy Tweeter and feel VERY frustrated that I can't follow more people. Sure, I can "drop one, add one" or open a second account, but it's taken me since May 2008 to build a solid Twitter presence and I want to carry on that integrity and foundation.

How does Ashton Kutcher get away with having over three million followers and only follow 190 people? Extra leeway for celebs?

This is not a post about the amount of people following me, by the way, but the fact I can't follow more than I do already. That means I am missing out on a lot of good stuff that people are tweeting right now that I'll never get to see.

Suggestions welcome.


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