Friday, August 21, 2009

Hi, My Name's John And I'm A Social Media Addict, Kinda

I love this video. It's filmed nicely, and the script is spot on. But it got me thinking: am I a social media addict? Yes and no.

Yes, because if I don't write a blog post for a few days, connect to someone on LinkedIn, tweet about what I had for lunch -- my followers clamour for those insights -- upload a link on Facebook and generally immerse myself in the online world, then I get a bit shaky and my eyelid twitches in a disconcerting way.

No, because if I go on vacation for some much-needed R&R, then I don't feel the need to take a CrackBerry (don't have one, anyway), iPhone (waiting till the rates come down) or rush to find the nearest WiFi hotspot so I can log in, and not feel like I'm missing anything. The whole reason for the time off in the first place is to put things in perspective, wind down and realise that life is too short to be at work 24/7.

On a separate note -- quick plug for my friend in Ohio who's working on a Web-based sci-fi show called Aidan 5. I am setting up a social media monitoring system for them in return for calling one of the future characters "Evil Johnny C."

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