Thursday, March 19, 2009

Questions, Questions, Give Me No Answers, But To Cut A Long Story Short I’ve ... Started Blogging Again

I was out shopping this morning and an old guy stopped me on the street and asked: “John, why on earth did you stop blogging on a daily basis? Why?” I thanked him for his question and went on my way. It did get me thinking though.

Why did I stop blogging? Actually, I didn’t. I just wasn’t writing so much here; most of my blogging was at GCI Canada’s blog (which has since been taken down, shame) or commenting on other people’s blogs ... which to me is still blogging, as I put as much thought into my comments as I do my own personal posts, otherwise what’s the point, right?

So, today I am back with a vengeance, serving this blog’s readers (hi mum) with the regularity they deserve!

I started Make Johnny Cash back in November 2006 after getting laid off, and used it in two ways: (1) to promote myself and document my job search, and (2) because I started the blog (which has since been taken down, shame) and missed writing my thoughts every day.

So, I intend to write about Web 2.0, social media, the Internet, networking, cool people/companies/tech, curries and anything else that takes my fancy.

Today, I am kicking that off with a hat tip to a blog that has flown under the radar for a while, but gives a nice kick in the pants to the social media scene, and all of us that live in that little bubble. Let me introduce The Drama 2.0 Show. No idea who writes it, but there’s humour, insight and some swear words too, so it’s NSFW if you have a text to speech gadget on your computer at work.

This week alone, targets have included Andrew Keen, Michael Arrington and yesterday’s subject, Gary Vaynerchuk. As the writer says on March 12: “This is the shit you won’t find in Mashable.”

How true.

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