Saturday, April 16, 2011

Don't You Talk About The #@!&# ROI Of My Mother That Way!

So, the new social media phrase du jour is, "The #@!&# ROI of your mother!" thanks to wine expert and marketer, Gary Vaynerchuck. Apparently, this was a retort to some guy in the audience repeatedly asking about the ROI of social media, or something. I don't know the full details.

My sense of humour is fantastic. Yes, it is. But I thought this reply was a bit over the top. I understand Gary's style is abrasive, he calls it as it is, and he's very successful. I admire all that. But to me, addressing a member of the audience in a way that's worded to imply a slur on his mother, seems a bit sound-bitey.

Anyway, I'd like to have a coffee, beer -- or wine -- with Gary one day and get to know the persona.


  1. Hey John,

    Thanks for your comment and link back to my blog post on the Booze Bin. Not that I can (or would ever try) to speak for Gary Vaynerchuk, but I believe he was not trying to actually imply a slur on the attendees mother, but rather point out that seeking the ROI for social media could be as difficult as seeking the ROI in one's mother. Everyone knows your mother is important, but showing it in facts and figures would be difficult. Clearly he was trying to do it in a funny way, but I think what he was trying to imply was that social media's worth for every brand and business is sometimes intangible, in that it's based more in human relationships.

    Hope this helps clarify, and agreed it would be great to have a beer or glass of wine with Gary someday!

    Thanks again,