Wednesday, March 23, 2011

And Three Months Later

So, Mark Evans guilted me into writing a new blog post today. Three months is a long time to let it slide, so here we are. This blog is not dead; I just like to think that quality is always better than quantity ... but do plan to be more frequent now. I love writing, and this is a great outlet for my thoughts and inspiration.

One thing I'd like to bring up is whether we are in another Web 2.0 bubble that is about to go pop. I don't use Foursquare (preferring Facebook Places) or Quora (preferring Google, my own research and friends' advice) but know that people seem to love those services ... and of course ... financial analysts and anyone else out there who value them in the $billions.

But, I always say something's only worth what someone else pays for it, so tend not to read too much into "Twitter is worth this," or "Facebook is worth that," etc. It's just all stocks, bonds, paper, investments, VC cash, angel funds and so on.

I REALLY want to see someone create a start-up, make it huge, sell it four years later for $2 billion and say, "OK, that's it, made my money, I'm off to sail my yacht around the world, good luck everyone, bye!"

What keeps them going? I assume when you make a million, then you want to make 10 million. Got that? OK -- let's try for a billion. At that point the money is kinda meaningless, it's more of a challenge to see how far you can go. Where will Google end up? Maybe they will have their own Internet one day.

I read around 80 good, solid blogs every day. It's useful to know what is happening in the social media world, for me and other people I help from time to time. I use my Twitter feed like an instant news feed. I don't care who/how many people follow me ... I get value from reading other people's tweets. I'm an information junkie with a knack for finding out certain information behind certain things. It's not hard: research and cross-referencing information is key.

Remember, as a journalist, don't trust one source alone!

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