Tuesday, March 29, 2011

You Will Fail, Loser!

A large percentage of tweets/blog posts are of the kind, "5 Reasons Why Your Blog Will Fail," or "10 Mistakes In Your Sales Pitch," etc. Pretty disheartening, right?

I always check who the author is of such finality. My blog is not the most-read prose in the world, but it's nice to think that some people have got good advice from it, or learned something. I make a few bucks off Google ads, big deal. It's not updated every day, granted, but I'm trying to rectify that. It makes me happy to write it.

Have I failed? F**k no!

I don't believe any blog really "fails."I don't aspire to be a Chris Brogan or Danny Brown, both doing great work in their respective areas of choosing ... I aspire to write what I want, when I want and take it as it comes. No pressure.

Sometimes the less advice you read, the better you get.


  1. It's also less confusing too, mate - so many voices of 'authority", only two ears and one brain to pull it all in?

    Meh. Work for what works for you - everyone else is a bonus. ;-)

  2. I try hard to stay away from negative posts. They're rarely useful. I think that finding the positive angle helps us grow, as opposed to putting us on our back foot.

    But becoming either Danny or I isn't all that useful, either. Instead, be your own amazing self, because 11 years ago when I started blogging, I didn't have a clue who I wanted to become, and so accidentally, I became me.