Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Segal Moves On, Streek Passes On

I heard two bits of news today, one good, one bad. Both about cool people.

Rick Segal used to write a column for a technology newspaper I edited in 2003 called Silicon Valley NORTH. He covered the venture capital industry in Canada, an area I knew nothing about. But I soon learned a lot by reading Rick's articles. He explained the scene in a very informal way, and has always helped me by answering e-mails and questions. A very approachable guy.

Today he announced in his blog that he's leaving JLA Ventures and is hinting about going back into the trenches with a start-up. (That's how I interpreted his post, anyway.)

So, best of luck Rick!

I also read that Martin Streek had taken his own life. He was a former DJ on The Edge, a radio station I listen to all the time in the car.

When I came to Canada back in 2000 we used to hang out at The Phoenix quite a bit. I enjoy playing pool -- the kind where you put $1.50 on the table and winner stays on -- and remember holding the table that night.

This tall, scary-looking dude came up, put his money down and asked to play next. We did, and had a pretty good game, making small talk about music in between shots.

Anyway, I beat the guy -- just -- and we went our separate ways. I had no idea who he was at the time, but my wife mentioned that it was Martin Streek. He was taking a break in between sets.

I know him now though, so wanted to give him a mention. RIP dude.

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