Monday, May 18, 2009

Hanging Out With The Rescue Mediums

You may have heard of the TV show Rescue Mediums -- it features two friends of mine, Jackie Koshnic (above left) and Alison Wynne-Ryder (new to the show). They are British mediums and travel around Canada visiting haunted locations, and helping "trapped" spirits to the other side.

We hung out last night, chatted about ghosts and I got an awesome Reiki healing. It was amazing. They are both extremely intuitive and fun to be around.

So, this is a blatant plug for their show. Seasons 4 and 5 are filming right now, and will be aired in the fall, but you may be able to catch re-runs as they seem to be on quite a bit.

Here's their website for more info, but it needs to be updated.


  1. Yaaaay!!! You're super awesome for doing this, Johnny!! Thanks man!! And it was a totally fun night - glad it worked out so well!!

    xo Susie

  2. Can we get them on a U.S. Channel? I use to see it on WE a couple years ago but nothing since. I have called our cable co and they say they no longer air Rescue Mediums.

  3. The producer says it is still airing on WE.

  4. Sorry John, the producer told you wrong-No Rescue Mediums on WE. We wish that were true-please help bring them back..