Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Rogers On Demand Online Beta Is A Little Frustrating, Unless You Like Muppets

[Just to make it easier for the social media trackers out there in PR Land, here's the tags first: rogers on demand online beta, thornley fallis, dave fleet, joe thornley.]

OK, so I was very kindly offered a sneak peek of the above said service, but due to my time constraints, only just got to try it. So it's more of a late peek, but I really appreciate the gesture!

The things I liked about it were: easy to select and pick an episode of a show to watch; good quality video, even in full screen; the cool "dim the lights / raise the lights" option (nice touch, it's the little things) and the fact this service is now online, which makes it very convenient.

One VERY annoying thing that drove me crazy (and it is beta, may be a glitch) but when I tried to drag the slider (fast forward) in an episode of Survivorman, it kept taking me to an ad featuring the very lovely Teri Hatcher, but that was balanced out by Miss Piggy. I tried a few times, but it kept happening! Help! Is it me or the service, guys?!

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  1. Hey John,

    Glad to hear that you're enjoying the site. In reference to your question above - you are able to fast forward in content, but if you skip through an ad break, you will need to watch the advertisement before continuing the show.

    We do moderate this experience so that if you just want to watch the last 5 minutes and skip through a number of the ad breaks, you will only watch one ad.

    So, once you've watched Miss Piggy and Teri Hatcher, the program will resume. Advertising helps us keep the service free for our customers.

    Happy Viewing!