Friday, March 9, 2007

Friday Fun

A cool few days. Downtown with David Bronstein yesterday for a meeting with a third party, things happening next week with a famous face, keep an eye out. It's fun and I'm learning a whole new range of skills.

Also had an "interview" -- that's in "" -- because it's a former colleague I used to work with that needs a communications/editor person, followed up on that today. Would be great to commit to that as I could still do freelance PR/own company stuff in my spare time.

To that end, had another meeting downtown today with a PR company owner that I've been talking to about setting up some sort of c0-op scheme whereby we swap skills, clients and workload. For the price of a lunch I picked her very smart brains clean and learned more in one hour than a day of looking on Google.

I feel great about where my future career is heading now; it's very exciting and different to what I've done over the last 11 years working in the media. And I like taking control of my own destiny.

So, the Friday Fun part? Our American friend Sheryl is flying in tonight for a week, so time to have some fun...

Have a great weekend!

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