Sunday, February 21, 2010

Beer And Bagels For Breakfast 2010

For various periods between 1989-1994 I lived on a kibbutz in Israel; spent a total of two years there, loved it, had the best time of my life.

So good, in fact, that in 1997 I founded Kibbutz Volunteer to help other young travellers experience what I did. I also wrote a book called Beer and Bagels for Breakfast that was published in 1999.

Even though it was well received in the kibbutz volunteer community, I felt it wasn't promoted sufficiently by my publisher. C'est la vie.

Well, I got some good news a few weeks ago -- the rights had reverted back to me, and with the advances in self-publishing since 1999, I was able to now produce my own quality copy via Lulu and sell and promote it myself.

Check it out. It's not Shakespeare ... but everyone has a book in them, and this is mine!

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