Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Good Morning, Metro Readers

As a former editor, I know what makes their job easier. You contact them, offer a unique story with a nice angle that's tailored to their publication and target market, supply a source, even a photo too.

So that's what I did the day after being laid off. I got in touch with the Canadian media and offered them 800 words to fill part of the careers section in their respective publications. Told them about my blog, job search efforts and would they be interested?

Metro stepped up to the plate, and today's article is the result. Much appreciated guys! Free ink for you, and free PR for me.

So, if anyone out there likes my initiative, attitude and determination to get back into Commuter Land with my own copy of Metro to read on the TTC then please contact me at the e-mail on the left. Thanks.

Download article as PDF.


  1. Congrats on the Metro article!

    Your spunk (*ahem* as in "exuberant effort") is greatly admired by this fellow employment explorer. Attitude is everything! Although a paycheque is nice...

  2. As that great rock poet Chuck Berry once said "Go, Johnny, Go!"

    As a former underling who can attest to John's excellent work ethic (he's hard to keep up with) and fellow blogger I love seeing the MSM take notice.


    MSM = Main Stream Media